Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost finale dissapointment

Lost has captivated the attention of many viewers across the globe, the main reason for this phenomenon was the characters, the mystery, the plots, the unexpected twists in the story.So as the story continued more questions were opened than answered, so everyone thought that everything will look more clearer in the end, except that it did not...Lost failed to answer most of the mystery, and on top of all the ending was not disappointing because it was tragic, but because it was unimaginative, everyone speculated years before that the island might have been an afterlife and they were right, nothing unpredictable, no twists, no plots, no surprises, no mystery and these are the very things that made the show so popular.The authors of the show already played with the idea that the island could be an afterlife when Hugo in one of the episodes was led to believe this and that is the very reason that the show shouldn't have ended like that.One of the other reasons is that this idea is nothing new in the film industry.This idea has already been exploited in the movies such as The sixth sense, the others, the silent hill....So a show that started as so original, turned out to be copycatted and a cliche.It looks like as the authors didn't think the show through, that they just started to build a mystery and never thought to give the mystery a meaning.as we all know all of the passengers weren't on that plane by chance, their destinies were connected even before the crush, and Jacob who was supposed to be the good guy was in their lives since the beginning.So now it tunes out that they were all meant to be in the plane because they were destined to die, and Jacob was an instrument of death.Many of the people in the show weren't even in a plane or a plane crush or an accident of any kind some like Desmond wife Penny weren't in a situation that could lead to her death and yet were all dead, so what is the significance and importance of the island when it is not the place where everyone goes after they die, and it is not a place exclusive for those who die on the island..Dead people can't die for a second time, dead people can't give birth or get pregnant after they die.Wildmore should have been dead because he was on the island before he was banished, instead he impregnated a women who herself was dead and their daughter Penny met and fell in love with Desmond who was not yet dead and they had a child together.One could argue that life after death is confusing and makes no seance or that the trauma after death makes you see things that are not real just to make it easier to cope with it.But then what is the point of the show, what message is it trying to get across.I've read somewhere that it teaches the value of the people in your life, but how could that be when those people didn't even know each other before in life, but only in death.At the end nothing in this series makes scene, nothing is logical and that is the biggest disappointment of all.The only message I could find in this movie is confusion, and notion that everything is confusing and meaningless and that is not something I want to believe in.

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